How many carpenters does it take

to change a light bulb?  I guess more than one.  Last evening, we decided to play a game of scrabble before dinner.  I had enchiladas ready to go in the oven a little later.  Only problem is the bulbs are burned out in the light over the kitchen table. You know how one bulb burns out and you never get around to replacing it until the second bulb also burns out.  Come to think of it, the second bulb burned out a week ago, so even then I wait until I want to play scrabble at the kitchen table.  Get the ladder, take off the globe, replace bulbs, work those dumb little chainy things (for the fan) through the holes and finally get it back together — AND the whole house goes dark.   You gotta be kidding – how in the world could changing two light bulbs knock out the power.  Maybe the surprise of having new light bulbs and the globe cleaned?  Nah – just a county wide power outage. Now where is the flashlight that is supposed to be kept in a place easy to find in the dark? It’s in the dark, that’s for sure. Finally we have located the flashlights and gotten the kerosene lantern going. Playing scrabble or pente by lantern light is a tradition around here in our frequent power outages.  While we hadn’t planned on playing by lantern light last night, it was a cozy evening – no computer, no tv, no phone. Well, except that I lost. And except that I can’t light my gas oven without any power. Thank goodness that I keep a few jars of commercial spaghetti sauce around and I can use the cooktop.  And tonight’s dinner is already prepared and ready for the oven.


The other day, someone on SheepL said that if I fed hay free choice, my ewes would have hay bellies.  I anxiously ran out to the barn and, by golly, she was right.  Those ewes have some serious bellies… and udders.  Lambs!! Still almost a month to go before the first lambs arrive, but sometimes I’m sure I’m seeing the lambs kicking getting ready for their grand entrance.


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2 Responses to How many carpenters does it take

  1. That’s the way it usually is around here, but I got a new flashlight for Christmas and haven’t had a chance to lose it yet 🙂

  2. luckypunk says:

    Lucky you…the flashlight batteries were not dead! Here at home when we finally find it, it’s not working…and then we find a candle but not the matches…
    Like your blog by the way, you should write more often.

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