Take me out to the baaaaaall game!

My dogs earn their keep by amusing me.  Over the time we spend together, each dog eventually develops some odd trick.  It’s often something they thought up and I just gave them a hand. Maggie, my Great Dane, loves to play ball.


She runs along, tossing her ball up in the air and catching it. Her new game is to toss her ball to me and catching it when I toss it back. She’s a much better catcher than I am!  Her other unique trick is to shakes hands – ok – maybe not that unique, except that she hands me her black leg or her white leg on request. 

Now Dave’s dog, Dobie/Dopie has never been able to grasp what Dave means by “shake a paw”. After six years, I finally taught him to “shake both paws”.  It’s suspiciously similar to jumping up, but don’t tell Dobie.  He’s proud of himself.  Dobie can jump through a hula hoop, though.  He loves to jump! And it really makes me laugh 😀

Aged Lucy, is too old for her special trick these days.  She was a world class spinner in her youth, spinning so tightly and so quickly that she’d often leave the ground. Someone told me that’s a Pit Bull thing. These days her spinning is confined to a couple of slow circles every so often.  Her spirit is willing and she’s still pleased with the praise she gets for the effort.  Now  her jobs include barking when Dorothy scratches on the door, in case we didn’t hear it (I think Dorothy taught her that) and sleeping under the wood stove where she will be ready to warn us in case of fire.

Rima, another Great Dane (and best friend) that left me at the age of 12, had a game she never tired of.  She would wrap herself around me, touching nose to tail, and turn in circles around me. I’d call out “Rima, round and round” she’d come running with that silly Great Dane grin.

 As you can tell, dogs around here really have to work for their kibble! No lolly gagging around here, guys!


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One Response to Take me out to the baaaaaall game!

  1. Checkers says:

    Love the picture of Maggie. She looks like she is having a blast!

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