The Picture Wall

My godmother and second cousin (although she was the age of my grandmother), Gigi, had a Picture Wall in the hallway of her home in Sarasota. The pictures were all of family and covered the many generations our family had been in Sarasota. Gigi was the first Miss Sarasota!  Her grandfather and my great great grandfather was the first non-indian settler in Sarasota.  Some people call him the founder of Sarasota, but he never did as he wasn’t trying to found anything – just trying to get away from the “crowds” in Georgia.  From the time I was about 5, I was fascinated by the Picture Wall and amazed that all those interesting looking people were my relatives.  I’ve always loved photography and was intrigued with some of the photos from the 1800’s.

Our stairwell looks awfully drab – what a great place for a Picture Wall!  I’m going to start with this picture:


My mom – Patricia White (+ many married names) She loved all animals, often to the point of obsession, was a talented weaver, a 35 year cancer survivor, and a friend to anyone that needed one.  Not exactly your Mrs Cleaver/PTA sort of mom and maybe just abit bohemian and often pigheaded (like her mom 🙂 picture to follow). Miss ya, Mom.  PS -Mom also was a professional photographer, working as a photojournalist for the Sarasota Journal and the Sarasota Herald, as well as working in a portrait studio.


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2 Responses to The Picture Wall

  1. Greg and Julia Cate says:

    Linda, yes your mom was beautiful, as I remember, in life and heart. You were so
    fortunate to have her and my misfortune not
    to have known her better.

  2. The Woolley Farm says:

    Beautiful photo! Your mom looks like she was a real imp and lots of fun to get to know.

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