Unlike a suitcase

you reach a point in a room where no amount of squeezing, jumping upon, or huffing and puffing will allow you fit in “just one more loom”.   What moment of weakness drove me to bid on this beauty?


Not mention what possessed my friends/neighbors to offer to pick it up for me. (thanks, guys 😀 – love ya, as always )

Hey, it’s a vertical loom, they are tall, not wide, so it won’t take up much space.  It does, however, take up some space, so some reorganizing is called for.  The knitting machines will be spending some time in the attic or be sold, which frees up enough space for the loom.  Yay!! I’m set – for now.

It’s almost Christmas and I’m a grinch. The commercialism of Christmas offends me.  I’m tired of bell ringing beggars everytime I go to town and I’m appalled at the rise in thefts at Christmas time.   Is this really what someone of the Christian persuasion feels is a fitting tribute to the birth of Jesus?  Beggars, thieves, and Walmart?  I’ll stop my rant.

Here at Wolfpen Gap, today is the day we celebrate remember the birth of me.  A quiet day that has been just right.

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4 Responses to Unlike a suitcase

  1. Pat Holley says:

    Hey Linda, I just found your blog1 What kind of knitting machines might you be selling?

  2. Hey Cheryl,

    Cool! Yes, 12/23 is my birthday too (abit older than 40, though). Happy belated Birthday 🙂

  3. Hey Linda — Sorting thru your old blog posts and came across this one. Is your birthday 12/23? Mine is too – turned the big 40 this year 🙂

    Must say I’ve never met someone who shares my b-day! Hope it was a happy one!


  4. Alina says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Many wonderful things have come into this world in December.

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