Where does time go?

Boy, it just ticks me off when when Jacob Sheep breeders don’t keep their websites current. After all, I want to see the rams breeders are using this year – not two years ago – when I getting together my “wish list” for next spring’s lambs. And I am the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association webmaster so I like our members to present fresh and updated websites. I love watching Laura’s website at Southwind Farms in the spring! Laura really keeps her website updated during lambing and I sure had fun picking Southwind Sasquatch from her batch of lovely ram lambs.

And people that don’t keep their blogs up to date?  Boy, those guys really get my goat! So why was my last blog entry a month ago?  Sometimes in the process of having interesting things happen, there just doesn’t seem to be time to write them all down.  OK, maybe not every thing that happens is interesting, but even boring events take time to experience.

 I was going to write about putting the breeding groups together, but now it’s already time to separate them. 

Southwind Sasquatch

Here’s Southwind Sasquatch.  Isn’t he a handsome guy!

SAFF (the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) was held in Asheville, NC on October 26, 27, 28.  Cathy Robinson (Perfect Spot Farm) and I once again shared a vendor booth.  Sales were good and it was great to have so many returning customers.  Not to brag (ok, just a little) we do have some beautiful fiber!!  Next year we’re expanding to a double booth in a more prominent position.  Boy – I’d better get to carding and spinning if we’re going to fill the bigger space!

Yesterday I went riding!  I grew up with horses and bred and showed Quarter Horses for many years, but haven’t had horses in a lot of years. Haven’t ridden in probably ten years.  It was with a slight tremor of trepidation that I saddled Bogo – my goodness, she looks big – Patrice I thought you said your new horses were small.  And what in the world is this tiny little postage stamp you are calling a saddle? Where’s the rest of it? Most importantly, where is the saddle horn :-)? Just joking – I did show a few jumpers during my showing period. Bogo is a sweet girl and it was FUN!  No, Linda, you can’t have a horse – remember the drought.


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