School’s in session!

For the boys, that is.  Wrestling an adult four horned Jacob Sheep ram by myself no longer seems as much fun as it used to be.  Dave is the prime ram wrestler, but after his month long recuperation from a broken ankle, I started to think that I need to make it a little easier to handle the rams. And I need to start while I am still bigger than they are.

If I need to give a shot, I use a dog collar with a two ended clip.  One is clipped to the collar and the other to the fence, holding the sheep tightly to the fence at the front end.  I hold the back end up tight with my leg.  For sheep that are just about impossible to catch and hold, like some adult rams, I can run them into a corner and swing a panel to them, trapping them between two panels.  All that works, but it’s tedious.  And it doesn’t solve the problem of moving one sheep at a time.

Today is day three of the halter braking breaking (although I do want them to brake as well as lead).  Sasquatch, Finalist, Artemis, and Hagan are my victims. The first day, Sasquatch just said “ok, I might as well do it”. Finalist said “I’d rather sit”. Artemis said “No way @!**”, and Hagan said “if I have to, but I don’t like it”.  Day three, all four are leading and standing  – not quite like well trained dogs – but as good as half trained pet dogs 🙂

Here’s Hagan with his new halter:

I like these figure 8 halters for sheep.  I get them at:

Here’s a close of Hagan’s fleece – isn’t it pretty?


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