Weather is certainly on our minds now. We are continuing in a drought situation. We are almost 20″ behind in rainfall and, more important if you are trying to grow pasture, our rain days are down by 20 days from last year – and last year we were in a drought. The hay situation is easing since we are using more round bales this year.

Wether – what you call a castrated sheep. Quatro, of the lovely fleece, great horns, but only four spots, was wethered (by me) a few months ago. A couple days ago, I noticed him joining in the teenage ram fight. HMM .. maybe I should check. Yep, I did it again. I got the scrotum and one testicle. As far as Quatro is concerned, he is (as we say around here) a “whole boy”. He’s sterile, but he doesn’t know it. And he’s not the first where I missed an important part of the neutering process. I’m going to start calling my home neutered rams, “whethers” as in I don’t know whether or not I managed to get the important parts!


Is Salem the neatest cat you’ve ever seen or not! Daughter, Alina, thinks she’s ugly! I love her (the cat and the daughter 🙂


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