Lucille – the Pit (iful) Bull

I may be the only person in the world that hated the “I love Lucy” show.  I can’t stand comedy based on deceit.  I just don’t find deceit amusing.  And I’m not too fond of the dumb red head image, having been born a red head.  My sense of humor is a bit more earthy and perhaps just a bit off color.  “Ezekial, I don’t think I’d have shared that”.  You’ll have to look that one for yourself.

 But, I love “my” Lucy.  13 years ago I was going to a yard sale with my friend, Jennifer.  By the side of the road near the county dumpster we spied a small black puppy. (back then, the dumpster was where everyone dumped unwanted animals) Wow, Jennifer said, that pup looks like a Shar-pei.  Hours later when we returned to Jennifer’s, I didn’t see the puppy.  I had to pass that spot on my way home (OK, it was a little out of the way *smile*) so I had to see if the puppy was still there.  Huddled in the weeds was a black, wrinkly, wiggly pup.  She so wanted to come to me, but was just too afraid.  She would get very close and then roll over on her back in a submissive pose.  All the while wagging her tail like crazy.  Unfortunately, the road side dropped off steeply.  While on her back, she’d wag her tail and wiggle – and roll down the hill – climb back up and repeat the performance.  I REALLY don’t need this dog.  I have my Great Dane, Rima, and Dave has his dog, Lucky Logger.  Do I drive away?  Yes, I do. But only to run to the closest store and buy dog cookies in the hopes that I can entice her to come to me.  I tell myself that I just want to save this pup from being run over in traffic.  This pup is thin and obviously hungry, but she takes the cookies I throw to her and puts them in a little pile.  Then she runs back to me, getting closer each time.  FINALLY, she is close enough for me to touch.  The second I touch her, she goes limp and then decides she totally loves me and crawls into my lap.  Yay! I caught the pup.   On closer inspection, she looks very much like a Shar-pei/ Pit bull cross.  The cross is often used for dog fighting.  From what I read later, it appears that the females often will not fight and are abused in the hopes that they will fight.  OK, I’m going to find this pup a new home – that’s what I said when I stopped by the roadside and spent two hours getting this pup to come to me.  Yeah, right!  It turns out that she is terrified of anyone but me.  Then I decide to give her name.  My friend, Patrice, had a pot bellied pig named Lucille, who looked very much like this pup.  So she became Lucy, the pig dog.   Over the years she has come to accept some of our friends.  You are really “in” at Patchwork if Lucy will touch you.

Lucy is an odd one.  She doesn’t give her friendship easily, but if she accepts you, it is forever.  She loved Rima – didn’t much care for Lucky.  When Rima died at age 12 (fairly old for a Great Dane), Lucy sat in a corner of the porch and whimpered for a month. She didn’t eat for the first week and she is really is a “pig” dog. She truly mourned her friend, Rima.  So did I.  Rima was my best friend, too. Lucy is also accident prone, which is abit rough since a trip to the vet is harder on her than her injury.  She’s been patched up here with duct tape.  I guess the media news about Micheal Vicks and his tie to dog fighting is making me think more about Lucy.  There is dog fighting around here  and it’s likely she was a cull from someone breeding fighting dogs.  The Pit Bull/Shar-pei is a very popular cross. Shar-Pei rescue will not place dogs in Georgia for that reason.  She’s such a gentle dog and it’s hard to accept that she had been so abused by the time she was 3 or 4 months old when I got her that she retains a fear of strangers. She’s gettting old now and has a bad hip, a fatty tumor, and a big scar from when I patched her with duct tape.


Thanks, Mickey from Broken O and Spotted Fever for the term Pit (iful) Bull. 


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One Response to Lucille – the Pit (iful) Bull

  1. Patrice says:

    I remember when you found her – and how you looked (not very hard) for a home for her. But she’d already found one.

    By the way – one reason we are friends is that I, too, hate the I Love Lucy show. I hate it for all the reasons you state – and I hate her for setting women back at least 50 years.

    Sweet Lucy-pit-pig was way more attractive, too. She didn’t need to outline her lips to look sexy.

    Wonderful post. I do need to smack you though, for not making it clear to me way back when that you were such a phenomenal writer.

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