Minature Jacobs – and all the other “registries”

Ok, I’m going off on a rant.  What’s with all the Jacob registries?  We see the  Minature Jacobs registry. All Jacobs are small. The ones I’ve seen pictured are sure not in “ EVERY way the same as the standard sized jacobs” Same for the Jacob “registries” that have maybe four members.  Does everyone get to have their own registry?  Or the “people that breed” (as opposed to breeders) that advertise their sheep as “registerable” although they don’t register and haven’t ever registered. OK, there are some really knowledgeable breeders that just don’t register and that know what a Jacob Sheep should be. But, some of these guys are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. They haven’t spent the time or effort to research the breed. They got a couple of spotted sheep and decided they had purebred Jacobs. OK, I’m off my rant. AND I do not mean to disparage those breeders that put the good of the breed foremost, but just don’t want to participate in JSBA or JSC.

I was thinking of starting a registry patterned after one of our dogs, Dobie (usually called Dopie or when he’s on a lead “Dope on a rope”). He’s rather unique in both his looks and his lack of any sort of sense. We call him our “bugged eyed, brown bottomed, beagle-ish hound”. Sounds like a registry in the making! Although, I guess we’d have to clone him, as he is neutered and one of a kind.


Maybe we could start a registry for calico cats. Dorothy is certainly something special! She’s a “smooth dog”



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One Response to Minature Jacobs – and all the other “registries”

  1. KathyB. says:

    I have just read your post, a year late, hope you read it. I too was surprised to see “miniature jacob sheep’, especially since I had one lovely spotted lady who never made it past 60 pounds, but was healthy in every way. She lambed every year, sometimes twins! She had the most wonderful, albeit only 2 lb., fleece, and eventually she produced my favorite ewe, who is my ideal of the perfect Jacob Sheep ewe.

    After living here for almost 10 years, (still lambing )I placed her in a home with her wethered lamb…to be enjoyed . The person receiving her wanted a very small sheep.

    All this to say, my Jacobs range in size from quite large to quite small. No way are they a separate ‘type’ and the variety in size, spotting, horns, etc., is what makes this a breed I am fiercely loyal to. Kathy Burnson, Cedar Pond Jacob Sheep

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