Hot! but cooling off abit .. all the way down to 89 this afternoon. Hot, but beats the 98 of last week. Last week was AGM and I came home exhausted, but had a great time. Southwind Sasquatch from New York came home with me to be one of my flock sires. He’s a beauty! I also brought home two lilac ewes, Painted Rock Kayleigh and Sweetgrass Heather to join my ewe flock. Southwind Persimmon, a ewe with personality and looks, came home for a few days so Beth and Dorcie could sightsee abit in the Asheville area without a sheep in the back of the truck. Despite a few raised eyebrows at my “sheep rig”, the sheep traveled home in comfort and with A/C in the back of my aged Ford Windstar. The Windstar was given to me by my Dad after his second wife, Fumiko (mother of one of my two incredibly wonderful half sisters) died. The Windstar has a long history of toting animals. Fumiko used it to carry rescue dogs, mostly husky and wolf hybrids, in her work with the Montgomery County, MD animal shelter. Now there’s a little sheep smell mixed in with the wolf smell :-). The sheep didn’t seem to mind. I bet Fumiko is smiling to see her van loaded with sheep.

Here’s Kayleigh.


Isn’t she pretty! I now have four lilac ewes as well as a number of lilac carriers. They represent a variety of bloodlines, including some old lines. I’m excited about preserving the lilac aspect of some of these historically important lines.

Dave’s off to visit a friend in upper NC while he recoups from his broken ankle and I’m using the time to turn the whole house into a fiber mill! He returns tomorrow, so I’d better gather up the baskets of wool in various stages of processing that litter the living room – and the fleeces drying on the front deck. I roll my Supercard into the living room, put a movie in the DVD player, put on the wireless headphones and get to work! I got through a whole fleece today, neatly rolled into 1 ounce balls of roving. Only ten or so more fleeces left to go. Not to mention some dyeing and blending and spinning and weaving and machine knitting. SAFF is less than three months away.


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